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3rd Paul Scott Memorial Last Man Standing

I am dee-lighted to be able to invite you all to enter our 3rd Paul Scott Memorial Last Man Standing. We are running this to remember our Andy Penman Fife Dark Blues Member and good friend Paul who sadly left his family and friends all too soon. One of the last things Paul did for our supporters club was to run a successful Last Man Standing to boost our club funds during the Covid Period.


50% of the entry money will go to the winner, 25% will be donated to Paul's family's chosen charity, Andy's Man Club" (to help save someone from going through not only what Paul went through but also his family) and 25% will go to our supporters club, The Andy Penman Fife Dark Blues, which Paul unselfishly gave up his own time to help and to recognise how much Paul loved being part of the Andy Penman Fife Dark Blues and supporting Dundee FC.


Please feel free to share and invite family and friends


Paul will forever be in our thoughts and certainly was on the pitch at Ochilview Park at full time on 5th May this year. I hope you can support our great supporters club and a great charity all in the memory of a great member of our supporters club, Paul.


Rules are simple (while we await our new website being launched rules are published here)


£10 per entry. Pay direct into the Andy Penman Fife Dark Blues bank account (TSB, Acc No 00101908 - sort code 30-25-84) if you can please put "LMS - your name" as the reference.


Pick a team from the English Premier League fixtures for the first weekend of fixtures on either Friday 11th, Saturday 12th, Sunday 13th and Monday 14th August.


If your picked team wins you are into the next round. If your picked team loses or draws you are out.


The game will continue with each round with the next set of weekend fixtures until only one player is left in i.e. "Last Man Standing" (please forgive the pronouns)


Email your team for the first list of fixtures back to me on or or alternatively reply to this email. Your entry must reach me by the deadline as laid out in the rules below. (7pm on Friday 11th August)


Follow regular updates after each round on our social media pages and on the Andy Penman Fife Dark Blues website once it is fully up and running. I will also email out each week, letting everyone know who remains in and who is out and invite those still in to forward their team selection for the following week, I'll keep a note of teams you have already selected etc and keep you right as we go through the competition, the competition normally lasts about 7 to 9 weeks.



  1. You can only pick the same team once per game (not per round)

  2. If the game is postponed for that week you can choose another team who you haven't already picked and an then choose the first team at a later date if you are still in.

  3. The deadline for choosing your team is set dependant on fixtures - 1 hour prior to the first kick off of that weekend's fixtures (including Friday night fixtures if applicable)

  4. Anyone who fails to submit their team for the round on time are automatically out.

  5. The competition is open to member's and non members. 50% of the takings go to the winner, 25% of the takings go to Andy's Man Club Scotland in honour of Paul. 25% of the takings go to the Andy Penman Fife Dark Blues Supporters Club.

  6. In the event that every player goes out in a early round then a reset and free buy in will be offered, organisers decision is final.

Heart felt thanks to all those you have participated over the last 2 Last Man Standings in memory of Paul.

The Andy Penman Fife Dark Blues - Paul Scott Memorial - Last Man Standing - Roll of Honour.

2021 - Laura Gribben

2022 - Jim Eadie

2023 - ??

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